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            Programme Management Case Study

A European credit card processing and financial services company wished to improve the quality and responsiveness of their customer service at the same time as reducing overall cost and harmonising with other company systems, architectures and initiatives.

The initial key was building trusting relationships with key managers who were having a difficult experience with one of their incumbent suppliers.  Management required an independent view of what had been done and what was planned by this supplier. ABC provided this and was retained to assist in the implementation of the improved customer service scenarios.

First, we carefully defined the programme objective using quantitative measures that could be easily reviewed later to confirm success.

We then proposed and refined with our client a set of nine projects geared towards reaching their objective. These included the following:

  • the design and implementation of a departmental reorganisation
  • an assessment of company and customer perceptions of the customer support function, together with an action plan to address identified issues
  • a project to establish new working practices and processes with a number of key third party suppliers
  • designing and implementing a new on-line customer support portal
  • process re-engineering on the ten most commonly asked customer support queries
  • a project to address long response time issues
  • a project to define the requirements for, procure, evaluate and finally implement a new customer support system for 100 internal users and up to 500 external customers.

We ensured that organisation, people and process aspects of the programme were addressed before the system was designed and implemented to ensure the best possible return on the systems investment.



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